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Hello world!

December 4th, 2012 by Laurie Murray

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Community Events

Cybsersecurity Professionals Meeting: "Cyberinsurance"


Companies are turning to cyber insurance to help mitigate certain cybersecurity threats. Today's insurance market around cyber is not as commercialized as car insurance and there are many options available to a business. During this presentation,...

West Hartford German Kaffeeklatsch - please RSVP!

The West Hartford German Kaffeeklatsch

Come join us for Kaffee und Kuchen oder ein Sandwich!  Whether you are a native speaker, learned German in Germany or in university, high school or on your own, welcome! It's a great way to retain language skills that would otherwise get very...

DevOps vs. the Security People

Connecticut Cyber Security Meetup | OWASP Hartford

Agenda:1pm: "DevOps vs “Security People" In 2019, surveys are saying that 90% of Fortune 500 plan on using containers and things like Kubernetes, yet there’s still a divide between what “security people” see that containers provide and...